Greetings from Sibley Orchards!

Just a friendly reminder that we are NOT a "U-Pick" orchard, we only sell our fruit at the fruit stand.   Fall is slowly starting at the orchard. Jonathan apples are crunchy, tart apple that are great in apple butter, apple sauce, pies, and baking. Golden Delicious apples are a sweet apple, and  another great multipurpose apple. They work great in pies and apple sauce and apple butter. Gala apples which are a crunchy, sweet eating apples. They also make great apple sauce.  Ginger Gold apples are a sweet eating apple. We also have #2 apples which work great in cooking and baking projects. The apple varieties available as #2s are Jonathan, Gala, Golden Delicious and Ginger Gold.

Upcoming Apple Varieties: Granny Smith Sept. 4th, JonaGold Sept. 10th, Red Delicious Sept. 10th, Winesap Oct. 1st, Cameo Oct. 7th, Fuji Oct. 7th, Braeburn Oct. 7th, and Pink Lady (Cripps Pink) Oct. 15th. These dates are all approximate.

We have Flame Prince peaches, which are yellow free stone peaches. They work well in canning, freezing, pies, and preserves. We also have  #2 peaches which are great for cooking projects. Peach season will last about 1 more week.

From the garden we have tomatoes, green peppers, jalapeno peppers, cantaloupes, and watermelons.            

The fruit stand is now open full time. The hours are 10-5 on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. 10-6 on Friday and Saturday. 11-5 on Sunday.

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For payment we accept cash, checks, and credit cards.

 We are located at 3717 Buckner Tarsney Rd. Sibley, MO 64088                         

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